Wedding Season – a Cake for the Ages

Tips for Vegan Wedding Cakes

Did you know Chaco Canyon does vegan wedding cakes and we can do gluten-free cakes as well? Summer is the most popular time for weddings, but it is important to consider how the extra heat will affect your delicious cake.
Plan ahead! The sooner you begin the process the more likely we can make a cake for your special day. We will arrange a tasting so that you can choose your favorite flavor of cake, frosting and fillings. Some of our past wedding cake flavors flavors include Lemon Mousse, Chocolate and Vanilla, Gluten-Free Curried Carrot, and Coconut with fresh Strawberries.
If only a few of your guests are gluten-free, consider getting gluten-free cupcakes in the same flavors as your cake, so that there is something for everyone.
Because we believe in using the most healthful and natural ingredients, we never use artificial colorings in our frosting. This does limit the colors we can create; however we can do lovely designs with ivory, yellow, peach, pink and all colors of chocolate, from pale tan to deep, dark brown.
Our vegan frostings are more fragile than non-vegan options and our cakes do best refrigerated until close to serving time. They should never be set out in direct sun, so if your reception is outside consider a shady space for your cake. If your venue has a refrigerator that can fit your cake, be sure to have it cleared out and ready to hold it. Another option is to have us deliver your cake right before you want to serve it.
If you are planning your wedding or another special occasion keep us in mind for you special cake needs – and congratulations!

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This post was created by Laura Wilson.