Proudly Serving Happy Valley Sprouts

Microgreens are quite a buzzword these days but what ever happened to sprouts?

Now that its springtime, these warm, longer days are urging me to put on the gardening gloves and get out in the yard to plant some tiny pea plants, cilantro, and mustard greens. It’s hard not to clip these little greens and put them on my sandwich. While microgreens are a labor of love and dirt, sprouts can be as simple as an overnight jar on a counter- it’s a shame that so many people shun them from fear!


Like any raw food, sprouts can be prone to hazardous bacteria such as salmonella, e. coli, and listeria. However, these outbreaks are rare, and the outcome of sprouting is an endless list of health benefits that I encourage you to look into if you’re looking to get a little more mineral nutrition into your daily diet.


In our kitchen at Greenwood, we sprout buckwheat, lentils, fenugreek or other seeds for specials or events such as our Valentine’s Day Dinner. However 99% of our sprouts are clover sprouts from Happy Valley Sprouts in Bellingham.


house salad

Happy Valley Sprouts tests every batch of sprouts they produce; they have never had an incident of food borne illness or sprout recall in 25 years of business. They deliver to us directly, so there’s no middleman. We benefit from this direct from the farmer relationship by getting fresher sprouts for a better price (which we are able to pass on to customers). Our direct relationship allows us to call Happy Valley Sprouts whenever we need to adjust our orders depending on how quickly we’re going through sprouts, and they adjust their growing batches accordingly, which leads to a fresher product! Every week, Happy Valley Sprouts delivers their product in large flats, which we save and return, cutting down on packaging and plastic waste. They’re able to sanitize and reuse the flats multiple times. Yay for reusing!


If you’re wondering how you can get more sprouts in your diet, beyond daily Chaco consumption of course, try out the EasySprout Sprouter that we sell in the cafe. Sprouts are highly nutritious and easily digestible. Visit the International Sprout Growers Association for more information on varieties, history, and nutrition values.


If you’re unsure whether or not you have time for sprouting in your life, check out this video below to see how it’s done.


Happy Sprouting!