APRIL: Spring Cleaning, flower fights, and Fools Day

K.Ami March 30 2015


April, derived from Aprlis, rooted in the verb aperire, means ‘to open’. This month is all about opening: Opening the windows and doors to let in fresh air after the winter, opening our minds to develop, and opening our hearts to the new ways that love and pleasure can engage our lives. Its time to re-set and re-start!


Humanity has celebrated this month pan-culturally: Japanese and Chinese festival of Kuan Yin ( Goddess of Compassion), the Persians with Sizdah Bedar, Navaho with the Hudough Dance, the Greeks Haloa ( celebration of Womens free speech), French Battle of the Flowers ( April 2nd), and the Yakima Tribe Root Festival just to name a few.


I invite you to learn more about these traditions and share in their richness. One particularly fun tradition I’d like to draw attention to is:  Battle Of The Flowers on April 2nd.

This custom follows in the same vein of foolishness as April fools day, but with a basket of flowers. Zsuzsanna Budapest suggests in The Grandmother Of Time,


“..Walk down the street looking out for the one you fancy, and when this person is near enough, you take out a flower- a rose, or daisy, whatever you got- and throw this at the desired persons heart. If the flower actually hits the ‘heart’, this person will fall in love with you. You can imagine… the women and men taking their walk with a large basket of flowers, making sure their social calendar will be busy all year.”


How fun to throw flowers at strangers? If only we did that more often. April has been a month for foolery historically- and why? There are a few theories floating out about why, maybe a change in the calendar and a ‘foolish’ resistance to the loss of the old ways, maybe it was a children’s game to see how long a fish could stay on a friends back. But my favorite story about the origination of April Fools day and the tricks that come along with is rooted in love- really! April, Aprilis, is the Roman analog to Aphrodite, the Goddess of love. The Roman celebrated this month with Veneralia ( the Holiday of Venus*). So then, on this day lovers sent one another on ‘fools errands’ to prove their love and devotion. Folks acted senseless as a demonstration to how love turns us all into fools at one time or another, so lets have a good laugh on our behalf!


Celebrate with  us at Chaco Canyon Cafe with our Thumbprint Raspberry Cookies, a treat that has its roots deep in Haloa, or start your personal spring cleaning with a Green Cleanse juice.


May we all be fools in love,

Chaco Canyon Team


*Aphrodite is to the Greeks the same Goddess as Venus is to the Romans, different names- same babe