Lemon and Ginger for Winter Sniffles

The sniffles are going around as we settle into the cold dark of winter. Sometimes even if you’re not feeling ill, a little hot pick-me up is just the thing. Lemon, ginger and cayenne have been home remedies for generations. In my family we would make a pot of “brew” – strong ginger tea with slices of whole lemon and some local honey. Here at Choco we offer much the same in our Lemon-Ginger Elixir: freshly squeezed ginger and lemon juice with agave served hot with cayenne or cold with fizzy water over ice.


What makes this such a good winter tonic? Fresh ginger is an anti-inflammatory and has been shown to help reduce pain, nausea and assist with respiratory issues such as asthma.  Lemons provide vitamin C and other anti-oxidants that boost the immune system. Drinking hot beverages when you are under the weather helps hydrate you, clear your sinus, soothe a rough throat and warm you from head to toe.


So if you have lemons and ginger in your pantry, you are a few steps away from making your own brew to fight off the winter sniffles. Or stop in and say hi to us and let us make you a steaming mug of Elixir.

New Years Juice

After the rich foods of the holiday season, many of us are looking for fresh healthy things to eat and drink in the New Year. Maybe you received a juicer for a holiday present, or you have one sitting in the back of your cupboard. Well, this is a great time to pull it out and start trying your blends.


Here at Chaco we record our juice recipes as percentages. This helps us get just the right amount of juice, no matter what size you order or how big or small the produce. If we said “one carrot” that could end up with a whole range of amounts of juice, as carrots come in a whole range of sizes.


As you experiment with your own juice recipes, you might keep notes with the same method. That way if you come up with your fabulous green breakfast blend, you can then make it for all your friends in the same proportions.


We blend our juices using a few fruits and vegetables as base juices, than adding healthy items that tend to work best when used in smaller quantities. Then we add some delicious accent notes such as lemon, garlic or ginger.


Good bases, on their own or used in combination, include carrots, apples, pears, orange, beets, pineapple and cucumbers. TO these we add celery, greens of all kinds, wheatgrass, fennel and parsley. We also include seasonal fruits and vegetables, such as basil in the summer or grapefruit when it’s in season in California.


For the garlic and ginger we might say mild, medium and strong. For a small juice, mild ginger indicates a chunk about the size of half teaspoon, medium is about a full teaspoon and strong is about a teaspoon and a half. For a large start with the medium amount for mild and increase it by the half-teaspoon.


Here is an example of a special juice we brought to you at the New Year in 2012:


Brain Booster Juice.

Beets help to increase oxygen and blood flow to the brain.

Beet          25%

Carrot       25%

Pear          25%

Orange     25%

Ginger      strong

Cayenne  1 Dash or to taste

Specials: A Season of Change

Big changes are arriving with the New Year. The kitchen and back of house staff at Chaco Canyon has moved to our new location in Greenwood. We are so excited about all our acres of counter-space and new appliances! Look for the front of house portion of the Greenwood Café in early 2015!


The New Year also brings change to your lives and frequently you think about making healthy diet choices. We are here to help you out with our delicious Season of Change Specials.


Look for nutrient dense delights such as our Smoked Kale and Sweet Potato Quinoa Bowl and our Lentil Sprout, Fennel and Apple Salad with Grapefruit Dressing. We also have a luxurious Gluten Free Crape filled with Navy Bean and Leek Ragout, and an African inspired Peanut Yam Soup.


Get a fresh start to the 2015 with our Resolution Juice: Grapefruit, Apple, Ginger, Mint and Wheatgrass. Or warm up with a delicious Nog Latte – still here by popular demand.


If you are looking for something sweet, we are baking a classic Apple Pie, a bright and tangy Grapefruit Bundt Cake and exotic Gluten Free Curried Carrot Cupcakes. Or try our Raw Date Bars sweetened only with dates and a hint of maple syrup in the crunch nut topping.


Whatever your resolutions are for this year, we hope you will make Chaco part of your 2015! Happy New Year from all of us to all of you.




This post was created by Laura Wilson