October Specials

Autumn has arrived and brought its bounty of squash, apples, root vegetables and brightly colored leaves. With the cooler weather, warm, comforting foods are much appreciated. Our delicious Grilled Portobello stuffed with Artichoke Rice fits the bill: the rich, autumnal flavor of mushroom with a hearty creamy blend of rice, veggies, herbs, spices and a splash of wine. And as a last lingering wave to summer it’s topped with a drizzle of bright basil pesto. Or if you are looking for something with more heat, our hearty Lentil Daal is spicy with ginger, mustard seed and chili pepper flakes. Served over a bed of rice with fresh vegetables, it will warm you to your toes.

Enjoy the first apples of the season with our Braising Greens Salad – for an extra flavor boost, it uses Finnriver’s signature Black Current Cider in the dressing. Pair the salad with a cup of our ever-popular Cheesy Potato Soup for a hearty lunch or dinner.

Our dessert case is bursting with fall flavors: Pumpkin Chocolate Swirl Tart, raw Ginger Orange Tart, sweet and spicy Cinnamon Chip Scones and special for Halloween, a gluten free treat with the flavors of a peanut butter cup: Chocolate Peanut Butter Filled Cupcakes.

We’re changing our regular menu around a little too. Instead of our Walnut Raisin Granola, look for our new Toasted Buckwheat Cereal. This unique, crunchy treat is naturally gluten free and has a subtle sweet-spicy flavor. It’s tossed with all manner of “tasty bits” too: raisins, dried cranberries, walnuts and coconut ribbons. Some of our summer favorites are going away: Iced Teas, Thumbprint Cookies, and the Sea Goddess Sandwich. Look for new pocket flavors including Potato Kale with Field Roast and a little later in the fall a new Tofu Scramble Pocket. Also, Gingerbread Cookies will be making an appearance soon!



This post was created by Laura Wilson