Food Hubs: Connecting Farm & Cafe

One of the challenges for any small producer, craftsperson or farmer is figuring out how to get your product or produce to potential customers. Say you have a little organic farm growing delicious salad greens – how can you let cafes and restaurants around your area know you have those greens available and how do you get the greens to them?


Enter a Food Hub – a resource for aggregation, distribution and marketing that bring together local farmers and ranchers with businesses and institutions. Chaco Canyon utilizes the Puget Sound Food Hub to order from many different small, sustainable family operations. At present we are getting lovely greens from Ralph’s Greenhouse and our fresh sprouts come from Happy Valley Sprouts. We’ve also ordered from Mother Nature Organics, Hedlin Farms , High Water Farms, Osprey Hill Farm, Willowwood Farm and Bow Hill Blueberries. With one order, we can support many local farmers and bring you the freshest local fruits and vegetables.


While Farmer’s Markets, CSA programs, and even grocery stores connect individuals with fresh, local produce, Food Hubs provide that critical link between those in the business of growing food and those in the business serving preparing and serving it. They demonstrate that when we come together we can have a powerful impact on our local economy, the quality of our lives and the health of our lands and people.


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Full Cycle: From Compost to Cabbage

As you may know, at Chaco Canyon we are passionate about finding better ways to reduce our waste and recycle and reuse it as much as possible. We maintain two types of compost in our kitchen – the first, which goes to the city composting program, allows us to compost the to-go containers, cups and paper napkins which come back in our dishpans.


The second compost is high quality vegetable and other edible leftovers – carrot tops and parsley stems, bits of sweet bread ends and dribbles of soup. This compost is picked up by local farmers and used to feed their animals. In turn we purchase organic kale and cabbage from the very farmers who pick up our compost, closing the circle for the transformation of our kitchen scraps into our delicious food.







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Red Haven Peaches from Rama Farms


What is more summery then a sweet, juicy peach ripe from the tree? Rama Farms in Bridgeport, WA grows a variety of organic peaches (as well as nectarines, apricots and grapes) and their delicious, Red Haven Peaches are just coming into season.


Red Haven peaches are used as a measure for other peaches and are one of the most well known and loved varieties. The trees are heavy producers and the peaches have sweet yellow flesh.


They are also free stone peaches, which mean that the pit comes out easily. This makes them great for grilling and slicing – as well as eating right out of the hand.


Some years past we have offered Peach Parfaits as a celebration of this luscious, summer treat. To make your own try mixing sliced peaches and a little chopped mint with a touch of fresh lemon juice and your choice of sweetener. (We use organic sugar.) Place the peaches in the bottom of a cup or bowl and top your favorite creamy topping, vanilla pudding or – for a real heat beater – try a scoop of vanilla or caramel ice cream.


Or stop into the cafe and cool off with our Peachy Keen smoothie made with Red Havens from Rama and our own house made hemp milk. Delicious!


Rama’s peaches can be found in the University District Farmer’s Market (Saturdays 9-2) this month, so come on over and visit us at Chaco and then head home with a bag full of peaches!


Red Haven Peach

Chaco Canyon Cafe Catering
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August Specials

August Specials!

Welcome to August – month of summer sun and bounteous fresh summer produce. This month to beat the heat we are offering a cold Gazpacho with local, heirloom tomatoes and a refreshing Cucumber Sea-Vegetable salad.

Or for a hearty meal, full of summer flavor, try our BBQ Tempeh Bowl with our housemade BBQ sauce and a crispy topping of kale/cabbage slaw.

Summer vegetables shine in our Savory Crapes (Gluten Free no less) as well as a Sweet Pepper and Onion Quiche with fresh oregano.

Our bakery case is filled with tempting desserts – our Triple Chocolate Cupcake is packed full of rich organic chocolate and our Berry Cobbler Pie is bursting with local berries – strawberries, blueberries and blackberries.

This month we are featuring salads made of mixed greens from Mother Nature’s Organics. They go above and beyond the requirements of organic farming and produce wonderful local greens, and we love their produce! They are not officially certified organic, so we have to label their produce conventional, even though they are committed to organic farming and their food is free of chemicals and GMOs. 

We are sourcing zucchini and yellow squash and sweet peppers for our specials and regular menu items from Alvarez Organic Farm. You may have enjoyed their roasted peppers at a local farmer’s market.  Located in eastern Washington, Don Hilario Alvarez started the farm from very humble beginnings.  Today, Alvarez and his family own 120 acres of farmland, one of the largest organic vegetable farms in eastern Washington.

The tomatoes in our gazpacho come from Kittitas Valley Greenhouse and Tonnemaker Family Orchards. Kittitas Valley’s spring fed greenhouses sit under the Manastash Ridge. Their multi-generation family farm is a good neighbor to the L.T. Murray Wildlife Area and is cared for with sustainability in mind. Fantastic, flavorful fruit and vegetables are their goal. KVG has booths at many farmers markets throughout Washington, where they sell their pesticide-free, heirloom tomatoes.

Besides tomatoes and sweet peppers, Tonnemaker Family Orchards sells delicious stone fruit so be sure to pick up some peaches, nectarines or pluots at a farmer’s market near you. Tonnemaker believes that healthy, organic food should be priced within the reach of consumers and that it is important to use our resources are used in such a way that the land can continue to produce healthy food for generations to come.

So come on by and enjoy an iced toddy or tea with one of our summery specials and know that you are feeding yourself, the local community and the health of our planet! Happy August!

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Have a great August!


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